What Is Absolute Despotism?

Samuel Adams once said “Fuck the Government” (probably), and here at AbsoluteDespotism.com, we couldn’t agree more. If you’re an intelligent, sane, non-violent Conservative or Libertarian; and you tend to get a little pissed off when you see the Government constantly skull-fucking the Constitution, then you're in the right place. At Absolute Despotism you’ll never be talked down to or treated like a child- that’s the Main Stream Media’s job. If some obscure government regulation comes up, we’ll take two seconds and explain it. Unlike the News, we don’t think it’s too complicated for you. When the Vice President says “Fuck” on T.V. we won’t say “Expletive Deleted,” because you’re not an infant. We’ll say “Fuck”, and even throw in some extra obscene references free of charge (rim job, cock gobbler). Why? Because we’re “Assholes”, and the good guys need some assholes on their side to tell the bad guys to “go fuck themselves.” At Absolute Despotism we know how you feel when you turn on the news, and some Progressive douchebag is sporting a shit eating grin as he lies his ass off. You yell at the T.V. and wish someone would just fucking call him on his bullshit. Then, when the guy comes on T.V. to fight for your side, it ends up being some quiet, old man in a bow tie. The Progressive yells, shuts down the conversation, and they cut to commercial… Goddamnit! We know well reasoned, logical arguments are necessary, but not enough. You need to add a little something we like to call “Belligerence”.  That’s why we’ve kidnapped the most belligerent Conservative and Libertarian writers in America, force-fed them booze, and locked them in a room with nothing to watch but MSNBC. Most died… but the survivors are well oiled, argument crushing machines. Making liberals cry is our business, and business is good.